When to Paint Baseboard Trim

How to Save Time When Installing and Painting Baseboard Trim

By Mark J. Donovan

Question: Mark, I am in the process of replacing the baseboard trim in an entire room and am wondering what the sequence should be for painting the baseboard trim and walls. Would you suggest painting the walls after removing the baseboard trim and then putting the new baseboard trim on and then painting the baseboard trim after? I guess if I went with this approach all I would have to do is touch up the baseboard trim with caulk afterwards. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

Answer: You are half correct in your sequence of painting the walls and baseboard trim. After removing the old baseboard trim I would agree with you to first paint the walls.

However, before installing the new baseboard trim, I would highly recommend painting the baseboard trim pieces on a pair of work benches first.

By painting the baseboard trim prior to installing it, you can eliminate a lot of time and work taping and/or cutting and crawling around on the floor. All you need to do after installing the painted baseboard trim is to fill the nail holes, apply a little touch up paint, and then caulk along the top seam of the baseboard trim.

Note: When painting baseboard trim, I typically apply a primer and one coat of paint on un-primed baseboard trim. If you can buy pre-primed baseboard trim, you can typically get away with just one coat of paint.

Painting or Staining Trim before installing is a smart idea.

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