Pegboard and Pegboard Storage Systems

Pegboard Storage Systems are ideal for the Garage and Basement for Organizing Tools

By Mark J. Donovan

Pegboard can be used for a variety of purposes in the garage, basement, workshop and even closets. I have used pegboard in numerous applications around my home. A pegboard storage system is ideal for getting tools and other hardware up off of the workbench and into plain view. A pegboard organizer allows frequently used tools to be in easy reach of the workbench, yet not lying on the workbench in a cluttered heap.

Pegboard is manufactured out of a variety of products including tempered hardboard and metal. Pegboard is typically found in 1/4″or 1/8″ thick 4’x8′ sheets.

Pegboard is manufactured with holes perforated across the entire sheet. Most common pegboard hole spacings are on 1″ centers across the entire surface of the pegboard. The typical hole diameter is 1/4″.

There are a number of pre-manufactured pegboard storage systems on the market today that come with a variety of pegboard hooks and features. Pegboard hooks are available in many different styles and shapes.

Some are designed with locking mechanisms to prevent the hooks from disengaging from the pegboard when a tool is lifted off the hook. In addition to hooks, there are even baskets and bins designed to attach to pegboards. These are ideal for workbenches where nails, screws and other hardware can be stored in them.

Though aesthetically attractive looking and comprehensive, pre-manufactured pegboard systems can be a bit pricey. For the penny conscious homeowner there is an alternative. You can build your own pegboard storage system for a fraction of the cost.

Quarter inch thick, 4’x8′ sheets of Pegboard hardboard, and related pegboard hooks and hangers are inexpensive and can be found at any home improvement store. With a saw, hammer, screw gun, and a measuring tape you can build your own custom pegboard organizer in about an hour.

Whether installing a prefabricated pegboard organizer system or your own home brewed one, make sure you attach the pegboard to wall studs, or furring strips that are attached to walls studs. Otherwise you might find yourself walking into your basement or garage one day and find your tools lying on the floor. In addition, if you elect to attach the pegboard directly to the wall without using furring strips remember to add 1/4″ spacers behind the pegboard so that the hooks can be inserted into the pegboard.

In order to prevent hooks from popping out of the pegboard I highly recommend using locking pegboard hooks. If you have trouble finding these, then put a dab of clear silicon adhesive around the hook where it connects into the pegboard. The only downside to doing this is that the hooks become non-adjustable. However not locking down the hooks can be a real annoyance. Many times I have found myself searching for a pegboard hook that has fallen off the pegboard when I picked up a tool.

Pegboard is also ideal for protecting drywall wall surfaces. I find pegboard particularly useful in the garage along the base of the walls where I store yard tools. Frequently when I visit friends and families homes’ I see yard and garden tools hanging on hooks in the garage.

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Unfortunately I also frequently see marred up drywall where the dirty yard and garden tools rub up against the drywall at the base of the walls. By attaching 4’x8′ sheets of pegboard along the base of the wall, underneath the yard tool rack, you can protect the drywall from scuff marks. In addition, since tempered pegboard hardboard is dark in appearance the inevitable scuff marks formed from the yard tools lying up against the pegboard are masked.

Pegboards are also useful for building closet organizers. With pegboard hooks and baskets, pegboard organizer systems make ideal storage racks for hanging coats, hats and gloves.

So if you are looking for a neat storage system for your tools and other belongings, or you just want to protect your garage drywall from scuff marks, consider installing a pegboard storage system. They are easy to install and there are a variety of pegboard and pegboard hanger options on the market today.

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