How to Prepare for a Home Improvement Project

Don’t Run a Marathon or Take a Final Exam when Working on a Home Improvement Project

By Mark J. Donovan

When working on a home improvement project do you sometimes feel like you’re running a marathon while working on the project? I know I have as I have found myself running back and forth between the project itself and the garage to get yet another tool that I hadn’t anticipated needing? Or, have you accidentally spilled something on the floor that caused yourself a panic attack? Well again, I’ve been there a few times as well.

Fortunately I have learned a few things along the way when it comes to home project preparation and I’m going to share with you a few of my tips that will save you time, money and aggravation.

  • Clear out the area where you are going to perform the work. Allow yourself plenty of room to move around the project area.
  • Lay a drop cloth under the project to prevent the panic attack when spilling a little paint, grease or dirt on the flooring.
  • Anticipate all the tools you will need for the project and have them at hands reach so you won’t have to run a marathon in parallel while working on the home improvement project.
  • If you are disassembling a mechanical or electrical fixture, take a few pictures first. Remember to get all angles.
  • Taking pictures could mean the difference between reassembling correctly or not. Why make a home project feel like a college examination. This is one time where some crib notes are okay.
  • Have a rag handy to wipe your hands or to quickly clean up a small mess.

With just these few simple tips your home improvement project will go much smoother and quicker and you won’t feel like you have run a marathon or taken a final examine in the process.

Good luck with your home improvement project.

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