How to Install a Home Water Purifier

Provide Cleaner Water to Your Tap by Installing a Water Purifier

By Mark J. Donovan

If you want sparkling clean drinking water then think about installing a home water purifier. Today it’s a lot easier to install a home water purifier, or at least I should say that there are many options now available to the homeowner that don’t necessarily require hiring a plumbing contractor. Yes, whole house water filters typically will require a plumber if you have limited diy plumbing experience, however there are many other home water purifier products on the market today that require absolutely no plumbing experience at all to install.

Depending upon the type of home water purifier you buy they can filter out various types of particles and contaminants including particles or items such as sand, metals, rust, lead, fluoride and other possible toxic contaminants.

The simplest type of water purifier is the pitcher water purifier. It’s simply a large pitcher that includes a filter mechanism in it that effectively strains and purifies the water as you pour water into it. Pitcher water purifiers are the least expensive type of home water purifiers and are also the most common type of water filer used today.

There are also tap water purifiers that mount directly onto your kitchen or bathroom faucet. With these types of home water purifiers you can simply turn a little two way valve or mechanism on them to produce purified drinking water. Alternatively, if you move the valve or mechanism in the other direction the filtering mechanism turns off and you simply get full force tap water out of the faucet. The only issue I’ve found with faucet mounted water purifiers is that sometimes they do not mount well to the faucet.
In some cases an adapter thread is required and in other cases they simply fall off the faucet when too much manual pressure is applied to them.

Other types of faucet water purifiers mount underneath the sink and in line with the cold water plumbing supply line. To install an under the sink faucet water purifier typically all that is required is a wrench and a screw driver. To install this type of home water purifier the cold water supply line should first be turned off.

The cold water line is then disconnected from the shutoff valve using a wrench to loosen the compression nut. The water purifier cartridge container is then mounted inside the cabinet area and fastened into place with screws. Once the water purifier cartridge is mounted, you then attach the cold water plumbing supply line to one end of the water filter and then the cold water faucet hose to the other end of the filter.

After the connections are all tight, you can then turn the water back on to the cold plumbing supply line to complete the project. Make sure to check for any leaks before putting away your tools.

Whole house water filter for purifying your home's water.

Whole house water filters are typically installed at the main water source into the home. They are connected in series with the main water plumbing supply line. To install a whole house water purifier a section of the plumbing supply line needs to be removed and then compression fittings or new joints need to be soldered in to support the connection to the water filter. Of course the water to the home needs to first be shut off and the water in the supply line needs to be drained.

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