Home Workout Gym

A Home Workout Gym Provides More Accessibility and is More Cost Effective than a Local Gym Membership

By Mark J. Donovan

A home workout gym is the best solution for ensuring regular exercise. A spare bedroom, basement or garage is the ideal location for a home workout gym. A home gym doesn’t need to cost a fortune to be effective for keeping the weight off and maintaining a strong and healthy body.

Maintaining a healthy weight and an active life style involves eating right and working out regularly. Most everyone today knows what and how much to eat to maintain a proper and healthy diet.

Unfortunately, most of us choose to eat the high calorie junk food more often than we should. In regards to exercise, however, many of us are not as sure to what’s the best solution for providing access to regular exercise.

More often than not well intentioned people sign up at a local gym, start off with a bang using it a few times in the first week, and then slowly peter out in the ensuing weeks. Eventually they end up not going for weeks at a time, until they inevitably just stop going altogether.

The main reasons they end up no longer going is it simply takes too much time to drive to and from the gym, and they feel compelled to dress for the occasion. In total, a local drive to the gym and back, along with 45 minutes of exercise, can easily consume an hour and a half out of a person’s day. Much too long for today’s busy lifestyles.

A home workout gym, on the other hand, saves time and doesn’t require you looking your best. It’s also as convenient as heck, and is not as expensive as one might think, particularly when you consider the monthly membership fee of a gym over a few years.

With some basic weight lifting and cardiovascular equipment you can set up a home workout gym for under $5,000. If you look for used equipment you can cut that figure by at least half. Or, if your exercise plans involve mainly Yoga or Pilates, then your equipment budget need not be more than the cost of a few mats and an exercise ball.

Workout bench in home gym. Lat Machine for Home Gym


If you want to build out a reasonable home workout gym, however, I highly recommend some free weights along with a treadmill, stair stepper, and/or elliptical machine. Between the free weights and a cardio vascular machine you’ll have all the equipment you need to obtain adequate strength and aerobic training. To fully flesh out the home workout gym, I’d also recommend a stereo system, and television, along with some soft and warm flooring material, e.g. outdoor carpeting or rubberized matting. Having a comfortable and enjoyable home workout gym is the key to keeping you coming back to it every day.

In regards to the free weights, you should include at a minimum a barbell bench press with a leg curl extension unit, a combo lat/row machine, adjustable dumbbells, an assortment of weight plates, and a stand for holding the weight plates.

If you are into Yoga you may also want to consider including dimmer controls for the lighting as they can help set the mood for mediation by dimming the lights.

In regards to an aerobic machine, it’s always wise to spend a little extra to get a high quality one. I highly recommend getting commercial grade cardio equipment, e.g. equipment that is really meant for public gyms. A stair stepper will probably give you the most bang for your buck. A quality tread mill, on the other hand, can set you back several thousand dollars. My recommendation, if you can afford it, is to buy both, as they each provide unique benefits. An elliptical machine is also a fantastic aerobic machine, and in my opinion could be used as an alternative to buying both the stair stepper and treadmill. Its elliptical motion somewhat combines the movement of a stair stepper with a treadmill.

So before you go out and sign a contract for a local gym membership fee again consider making an investment in your own home workout gym. If you buy quality gym equipment it will last for years and you will be more likely to use it, particularly if you include the creature comforts.

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