Keeping Pace with Home Repairs

Regular Home Maintenance can reduce the Occurrence of Unplanned Home Repairs

By Mark J. Donovan

Owning a home has many benefits. Besides providing comfortable living space, it is also your largest financial investment. Additionally, it is a place for enjoyment and escaping the everyday rat-race of the job and other external forces that negatively influence your life. Owning a home, however, does not come for free and it has its share of headaches. Home repairs are a constant effort.

Home repairs can range from small regular maintenance tasks such as mowing the lawn to extensive projects such as repairing a roof.

Home repairs differ from home maintenance problems in the sense that a home repair is associated with something that has been recently broken or gone wrong with the home.

Home repair is also synonymous with an unexpected event that has occurred with the home that interrupts your normal daily plans and forces you to quickly address it. For example, there is a clog in the kitchen sink, or the home heating system broke down. Each require immediate attention and thus interrupt your plans for the day.

One what to mitigate the frequency of home repairs is to regularly inspect and maintain certain critical components of your home that are susceptible to breaking down and needing house repairs. For example, in the case of a furnace that has failed, the annual maintenance and cleaning of it by a professional home heating technician may have prevented it from unexpectedly failing.

Similarly, by periodically inspecting and cleaning gutters and downspouts you may avoid water damage to your home’s siding thus eliminating the need to make home repairs on the house siding.

How to repair house siding

So the real secret of reducing the frequency of home repairs is to have a regular home maintenance plan. By being proactive on home maintenance you can reduce the amount of sudden home repairs that crop up on you. It also allows you to make home repairs on your timeline versus fate’s timeline. Nevertheless, it is always important to remember the maxim – “A Home is not Self-Maintaining”, and that home maintenance and home repair come with the territory of being a homeowner.

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