A Guide to Closet Organizers

How to Make your Closet More Effective and Less Cluttered using Closet Organizers

By Mark J. Donovan

A closet commonly becomes a warehouse after years of living in a home. If it’s a walk in closet after awhile it can get so bad that you can barely walk in it. In non-walk out closets when you open a door half the time stuff falls out on you. Closet organizers can dramatically help organize your closet, however before spending the money and time on them it’s important that you first clean out your closet.

Start the clean out phase of your closet organization project by sorting through all the clothes and shoes and assessing what you can and should throw away.

Clothes that are old and out of style should be tossed out. Clothes that are still in good shape and that are still in style but you simply can’t fit in them anymore, give them away to a local thrift or goodwill store. Toss out old and worn out shoes as well. Also do the same for belts, ties and other clothing accessories.

Once you’ve eliminated all the old clothes and other items from your closet you can now begin the real task of closet organization. Ideally you should begin to think of where to find homes for the various remaining items in your closet.

Some items such as pants, shirts, dresses and blouses will need to be hung on hangers. Shoes will need to be stored on the floor or in shoe racks. Hats and gloves most likely should be stored in boxes or cabinets. Ties and belts, again most likely they should be hung.

After assigning homes / locations for the various items you can begin to look at closet organizer solutions that fill your closet storage needs.

If you buy the right closet organizer solutions you’ll discover in the end that you’ll actually have more storage capacity than you could have possibly ever imaged.

There are numerous closet organizer solutions on the market today.

Design and Build a Custom Closet Ebook

In addition you can make your own closet organizer system by using off the shelf racks and poles as well as incorporating in old dressers if you really want to be creative. Off-the-shelf closet organizers come in many different shapes, styles and finishes with a plethora of storage features. Closet organizers are available in various materials including wood, laminate, metal and wire to name just a few. No matter what your style preference there is bound to be a closet organizer system that will meet your needs and desires.

Closet organizers come in two main categories, closet organizer kits and closet organizer systems. Closet organizer kits are the cheaper of the two and are perfect for the do it yourself homeowner. You can find them at your local home improvement center. Closet organizer kits can range from as low as around $50 to hundreds of dollars for larger closet footprints. They include shelving, brackets and other components to allow you to assemble and create various closet organizer solutions for your specific closet storage needs. Typically they are designed for minimal cutting.

Closet organizer systems are more expensive due mainly to the fact that they come as fully assembled pieces that you order and/or purchase.

To purchase a closet organizer system you simply need to measure the dimensions of your closet and then visit your local home improvement center to find the closet organizer system pieces that meet your needs.

In some cases you may want to have custom made closet organizer pieces constructed and in other cases you can use off-the-shelf pre-designed systems. Closet organizer systems include shelves, shoe racks, and cabinets and drawers. They can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to literally in the thousands depending upon your tastes and closet size requirements.

To close, there are closet organizer systems and kits for all types of rooms, including bedrooms, hallways, and even garage storage areas. So start thinking about removing the clutter from your closets today!


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