Recycling Old Kitchen Cabinets

Old Kitchen Cabinets can Still Offer Value

By Mark J. Donovan

Old kitchen cabinets do not necessarily need to go to the dump when you are remodeling your kitchen. Recycling old kitchen cabinets is a great alternative to throwing them away, particularly if you have a basement or garage that is in need of some organized storage space. By carefully removing old kitchen cabinets you can recycle them for other applications within your home. In some instances, which was the case with my old kitchen cabinets, I was able to provide them to someone else who was able to use them.

A few years back my wife and I tackled a kitchen remodeling project in our home that involved replacing the old kitchen cabinets. Initially I had planned to throw away the old kitchen cabinets, until I started talking with my father.

He was in the process of creating a wood workshop in his basement and suggested he had some use for my old kitchen cabinets. So instead of having the kitchen cabinet contractor rip out and destroy the old kitchen cabinets, my father and I took some care and removed the old kitchen cabinets carefully.

Later on my father installed the old kitchen cabinets in his basement to create a fantastic basement workshop.

Recycling old kitchen cabinets is obviously not a new concept, however it is an idea that I do not believe is considered often enough by homeowners. Though the old kitchen cabinets may have past their peak in the kitchen, they may still look pretty nice in other areas of the home.

So if you are planning a kitchen remodeling project that includes updating your kitchen cabinets, consider recycling the old kitchen cabinets.

Recycling Old Kitchen Cabinets

By recycling the old kitchen cabinets you may actually be increasing the value of your home in another part of your house. In addition, you will be doing your part in building a greener home and environment.

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