How to Repair a Broken Kitchen Cabinet Door

Repairing a Broken Kitchen Cabinet Door Can Yield As-Good-As New Results

By Mark J. Donovan

Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers take a beating. They are used constantly throughout the day. As a result, they experience dings and scratches and in some cases a kitchen cabinet door can even break. I have personally had this latter situation occur a couple of times. In both cases the kitchen cabinet door broke on a glue seam between adjacent boards.

When it first happened I feared having to spend a lot of money to have the door replaced. However, after close inspection of the break, I was able to repair the broken kitchen cabinet door using some wood glue and a couple of pipe clamps.

When I placed the two pieces of the broken kitchen cabinet door together it was as if a crack never existed. Consequently I chose not to sand either edge of the kitchen cabinet door pieces to prevent from causing any visible seam on the repaired door. So to repair the broken kitchen cabinet door I did nothing more than run a bead of wood glue along one of the broken edges of the cabinet door and then married the other half to it.

After running a bead of wood glue along the length of one of the broken kitchen cabinet door pieces I placed the two cabinet door pieces across two pipe clamps and squeezed them together. Pipe clamps can be purchased at any hardware store and they are relatively inexpensive compared to buying a new kitchen cabinet door. Plus they can be used for other projects.

After applying sufficient compression to the kitchen cabinet door with the pipe clamps, I used a moist paper towel to wipe away excess glue that had seeped out between the two halves of the kitchen cabinet door.

Repairing a broken cabinet door
I also made sure to wipe down the back side of the kitchen cabinet door for any excess glue.

The next day I removed the pipe clamps and confirmed that the broken kitchen cabinet door looked as good as new and was solidly holding together. I then reattached it to the kitchen cabinet door hinges, and the once broken and now repaired kitchen cabinet door was back in business and looking as good as new. Years later it was still holding up and looking great.

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