Discount Granite Countertops

Don’t Let the High Cost of Granite Prevent You from Having Granite Kitchen Countertops

By Mark J. Donovan

Granite countertops bring a natural beauty and aesthetics to a kitchen that is unmatched by any other countertop surface. In addition, granite countertops are extremely durable and will hold the test of time and use. Since it is a natural product it also comes in many different colors and quality grades.

Granite countertops however are quite expensive compared to other countertop solutions. Granite countertops can run upwards to $100 per square foot. But fear not, if you’re fixated on granite and you have a limited budget there are discount granite countertop solutions that just make work for you.

Discount Granite Countertop Features

Discount granite countertops are ideal for those homeowners who are on a limited budget or in a housing market that simply won’t yield a fair rate of return for such an investment. Discount granite countertop solutions can sell for significantly less than high end granite countertops.


What separates discount granite countertops apart from high end granite countertops are several factors. Typically discount granite countertops are either thinner or have a lower tier rating. Granite is graded on a numbered tier system that classifies the granite based on factors such as its country of origin, slab thickness, color, veins and patterns, and the amount of soft minerals in the stone.

Often lower grade granite countertops have the same look as higher grade ones. They just may be thinner, or have colors, veins and/or patterns that are in less demand.

Granite kitchen countertops

If you elect to purchase discount granite countertops they may require additional support, if for example, they are thinner than higher grade granite countertops. In some cases the thinner granite countertops may actually come laminated to plywood to provide extra strength. Also, if they have a higher percentage of soft minerals in them you may need to more frequently seal them to protect them from staining.

Another major factor associated with granite is in the actual harvesting of it. Granite needs to be quarried, transported, cut, polished and installed.

Often with higher premium granite the raw granite is quarried and transported out of country prior to cutting and polishing it. Then it needs to be installed by professionals. With discount granite countertops, on the other hand, often the quarried granite is cut and polished prior to shipment out of country. Pre-cut discount granite countertops are typically cut in standard shapes and sizes, such as in rectangular or L shapes, to fit common kitchen floor plans.

By pre-cutting the granite prior to shipping it, large costs savings can be realized by lower weight shipping costs. In addition, often the local labor rates associated with cutting the granite is cheaper.

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Granite Countertop Tiles

Another discount granite countertop solution is to construct a kitchen countertop out of granite tiles. The granite tiles are thinner than traditional granite countertops and are cut from smaller pieces of stone. As a result, they are less expensive than buying one large, thicker piece of granite. Granite tiles can also be installed by the homeowner making them even more affordable.

So if your mind is set on granite countertops and you have a limited budget take a look at the various discount granite countertop options available to you. With a little creativity and flexibility there is a discount granite countertop solution that should meet your needs.

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