Copper Kitchens Growing in Popularity

Copper Kitchen Countertops, Appliances, Stove Hoods, and Plumbing Fixtures are Gaining on Stainless Steel

By Mark J. Donovan

One of the most commonly used metals in residential construction throughout the centuries is copper. Copper is used in electrical house wiring, plumbing supply lines, flashing, gutters, and even in kitchens. Copper can be seen in the kitchen as copper pots and pans, stove hoods, countertops, elaborate ornamental backsplashes, and kitchen ceiling panels. It is not surprising copper has been so popular in homes throughout the centuries. It is corrosion resistant and ages with a beautiful and timeless classic green patina appearance.

In addition, it is also highly conductive and extremely durable. For all of these reasons copper is ideal for the kitchen.

Though stainless steel kitchen appliances have been the rage in recent years with homeowners, copper kitchen appliances have also begun to be manufactured and are slowly gaining in popularity on stainless steel appliances. Copper kitchen appliances provide a warm, sleek and luxurious natural look in the kitchen.

Copper kitchen countertops are also a great cost alternative to slab stone kitchen countertops such as granite. One of the chief advantages of copper kitchen countertops is that they can be fabricated with minimal joints due to the integration of the backsplash and nosing into the countertop. The actual fabrication of the kitchen countertop involves gluing a copper skin over a ¾ inch plywood substrate. Once the copper skin has set up, the opening for the kitchen sink can be cut out. Copper is a soft metal, however, so expect for it to scratch and show marks and stains. For some homeowners this “natural” look may be disappointing, however for others it may be the perfect look.

Copper stove hoods are also a wonderful kitchen design option. They can provide a beautiful accent piece to any kitchen, even if stainless steel appliances are used in the kitchen.

Copper kitchen appliances, countertops, kitchen sinks and faucets can be purchased with a highly polished copper finish, a hand rubbed look, or a penny brown patina finish. All of the copper finishes look fabulous and are perfect for any kitchen design.

Historically copper has been a relatively inexpensive metal, however in recent years copper has risen in price dramatically. As a result, homes under construction today are often targets of burglars who are seeking copper materials in the home. So if you are installing copper kitchen faucets, countertops, or stove hoods in a new home construction make sure the home is locked up tight during its construction.

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