Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete Kitchen Countertops offer Beauty and Customized Countertop Designs

By Mark J. Donovan

I recently had the opportunity to see how concrete kitchen countertops were made. To put it simply, I was amazed with the construction process as well as with the product. I went from having a suspect view of concrete kitchen countertops to becoming a true admirer.

First of all concrete kitchen countertops can be manufactured in almost any type of color. Second, aggregates of any sort can be imbedded into the concrete to yield an infinite number of finished surface looks.

Third, through a complex process of molds, forms, and jigs virtually any shape and type of concrete kitchen countertop can be fabricated, including ones that include integrated concrete sinks.

The manufacturing of a concrete kitchen countertop begins with the construction of a cardboard template that is created on the job site. The cardboard template is used to construct the custom form, mold and jigs to hold the concrete while it cures.

The actual mixing of the concrete for kitchen countertops is much more complex than simply using sand and Portland cement, though these products are used. There are special dies, sealants, gravel and other lightweight aggregate materials that are used to create, relatively speaking, lightweight concrete.

The concrete mixture is thoroughly mixed prior to being placed into the mold that forms the dimensional specifications of the concrete kitchen countertop.

The concrete mixture is poured into the mold over a melamine sheet that is removed later. The melamine sheet helps to ensure an ultra smooth finish.

Metal lathe and rebar, if you will, are also inserted into the concrete kitchen countertop form to add strength to the finished product. With the concrete and rebar placed into the concrete kitchen countertop form, the entire form is troweled and vibrated to ensure a highly smoothed finished on the countertop surfaces.

After the concrete has been poured and initially cured the forms are removed. The concrete kitchen countertop is then allowed to fully cure prior to installing it on the job site.

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