Should You Feed Your Home Remodeling Contractor

Is Providing Food and Drink to Your Contractors a Smart Idea

By Mark J. Donovan

Frequently I get asked the question by homeowners on whether or not they should feed a home remodeling contractor when they are performing work on their home.

My response is always the same. As with any employer/employee relationship it is always good for the employer to show some occasional extra level of appreciation to his/her employees. And this frequently does come in the form of a free lunch or dinner. However, this said, it is unwise to become the regular “Chuck Wagon” to your home remodeling contractor.

Besides getting expensive just in terms of groceries it also can lead to other negatives.

Your over hospitality could actually backfire on you. The contractor may grow to expect the regular food service and in the event you stop or suspend service, they may question your motives. This questioning could lead to bad feelings and a reduction in their performance as they may think you are unsatisfied with their level or quality of work.

To conclude, it is best to maintain a healthy employer/employee relationship with your home remodeling contractor, however it is unwise to inadvertently try to become their friend by feeding them on a regular basis. Show occasional appreciation if it is deserved but do not attempt to become a contractor’s meal ticket.

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