Mudroom Design Ideas

Mudroom Design Ideas to Keep Your Home Clean and Uncluttered

By Mark J. Donovan

Mudrooms are often forgotten about in many house floor plans. This is unfortunate as a mudroom is ideal for minimizing dirt and clutter in the rest of the home, as it can serve as a vestibule between the house entrance and the main body of the home.

If you are contemplating including a mudroom in your new home or home addition, here are a few simple mudroom design ideas to consider.

Mudroom Location

Mudrooms are normally located off the side or back of the home. If there is an attached garage, a mudroom frequently acts as a bridge between the garage and the main part of the home.

Sometimes the mudroom is integrated into the garage itself or into the main part of the home just off the garage entrance.

Mudroom Closet

Every good mudroom design should include adequate storage, and preferably in the form of a closet.

The closet should be positioned near the exterior doorway entrance so that people can easily store away their coats, shoes and other personal articles when they enter the home.

Mudroom Hooks and Benches

Besides a closet, mudroom hooks are great accessories for hanging frequently used coats. Likewise mudroom benches are idea for allowing a place to sit for putting on shoes and boots.

Mudroom Cubbies

Mudroom cubbies are also extremely useful and complement mudroom hooks. Mudroom cubbies are ideal for organizing and storing shoes, book bags and sporting equipment.

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Laundry Room

Another excellent mudroom design idea is to include a laundry room, either actually in the mudroom, hidden behind closet doors, or adjacent to the laundry room.

his way wet winter clothes can be quickly thrown in the dryer, and filthy clothes can be tossed directly into the washing machine.

Powder Room

The inclusion of a powder room either in the mudroom area or just adjacent to it, possibly with the laundry room built into it, is another great mudroom design idea. Instead of kids traipsing through the entire home to get to a bathroom, they can quickly come in and use the bathroom without having to remove clothes and shoes.

Windows and Natural Light

Due to dirt, smells and moisture that frequent mudrooms it is important to include at least one window in the mudroom design to allow for fresh air and sunlight to enter the room.

Mold and mildew have a harder time growing in well lit and ventilated areas. The inclusion of an overhead fan is also another excellent mudroom design idea.

Heating and Cooling

Besides the use of a window and fan to remove moisture and smells from the mudroom, you may also want to consider including adequate heating and cooling. By maintaining moderate temperatures in the mudroom you can also help to reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Mudroom Flooring

Since mudroom floors have the tendency to become dirty, it is important to have flooring that can easily be cleaned. Consequently forgo the thought of using carpeting and hardwood and consider using ceramic tile. Ceramic tile floors look beautiful and are easy to clean. Just make sure to use ceramic floor tiles that are rough in textured surface to prevent slipping.

In addition, consider using inexpensive throw rugs over the tile floor to provide color and better traction.

Miscellaneous Items

Since mudrooms are used for last minute preparation before leaving the home, it is always a good idea to consider the inclusion of a full length mirror, a waste can and laundry baskets.

Another good mudroom design idea is to include a small bureau or table surface for holding car keys, cell phone charges and other last minute items that are typically taken when leaving the home.

Hopefully with this list of mudroom design ideas you can design a functional and aesthetically appealing room that will also keep the rest of your home clean and free from clutter.

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