HouseSight – Connecting Homeowners with Local Quality Contractors

An Online Auction for Submitting and Bidding on Home Remodeling Projects

By Mark J. Donovan

HouseSight connects homeowners and contractors via an online auction for soliciting and awarding home remodeling bids. It’s a new service that is in development and will be live shortly. Sign up for HouseSight today to have access to this service.


  • Find contractors near you
  • Select a project category
  • Described project online and upload supporting information
  • Compare standardized contractor bids and select a quality contractor online


  • Get free targeted leads
  • Connect with opportunities
  • Bid on projects online
  • Free membership and low cost fee structure for bidding on homeowner projects

Basic Flow for HouseSight’s Online Contractor Bid Auction Service is:

  • A homeowner uploads a home remodeling/construction project to HouseSight for bid
  • Contractors local to the project are emailed, via HouseSight, about the project
  • HouseSight contractor members bid on the project, only if they are interested in it
  • Homeowner reviews submitted bids and awards a contractor the project

A key benefit of this service is that it provides a very detailed online “Request for Quote” form that ensures the homeowner provides all the necessary information for contractors to bid on the project. Besides completing a “Request for Quote” form, homeowners can upload supporting drawings and other information germane to the project to help contractors accurately bid on the project.

Similarly, a contractor bid response will be inputted into a standard online bid form, which will help the homeowner make easy and fair apples-to-apples bid comparisons.

Cost for Service

The cost for this service is shared by the homeowner and contractor. A homeowner submitting a project pays a small submission fee. On the contractor cost side, sign-up for the service is free. Even the cost for notification of a project opportunity is free. When a contractor bids on a project they will pay a small fee. The contractor who wins the project will also pay an additional commission fee for securing the business.

If you’re interested in this new service, register for HouseSight today!!

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