Satellite TV Service

The Pros and Cons of Satellite Television Service

By Mark J. Donovan

Satellite TV service is a competitor to the cable market and thankfully so. Without satellite television service cable television services would be even more ridiculously overpriced. There are two basic satellite TV service providers on the market, DIRECTV and DISH Network. Both offer all-digital quality broadcast programming, great service, and competitive rates compared to cable television. The only major difference between the two leading satellite TV service providers is in their programming formats.

Satellite TV works by the satellite television service providers broadcasting a television programming signal to a satellite orbiting high above the earth.

The satellite then re-broadcasts the signal back down to earth and to the satellite dish antennas located on top of homes and businesses. A satellite television receiver then receives the re-transmitted signal from the satellite dish antenna, where it is then amplified and decoded to project the programming signal onto the television screen.

One of the major benefits of satellite TV is the fact that the signal is a 100% digital formatted signal, thus providing the highest quality in both picture and sound.

Another major benefit of satellite TV service is that it can provide literally hundreds of programming channels. In addition, it can provide pay-per-view movies and special events as well as commercial free music.

Satellite TV services also use digital video recording (DVR) receivers so that any program or show passing through them can be recorded and saved for viewing later. By recording and saving the programming shows you can also eliminate watching commercials.

Satellite TV service is also more reliable then cable television services.
The only real negative with satellite TV service is that if rain or snow is falling on or around the receiving dish antenna the programming signal can blank out occasionally.

So before choosing cable television services take a close look at satellite TV service. You might just be pleasantly surprised by the features and services you can get with it.

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