Installing a Home Theater System

How to Tips on Installing a Home Theater System

By Mark J. Donovan

Installing a home theater system is an awesome way to improve the way you watch and listen to movies. Nothing beats that sensurround sound when watching a movie. I have installed a number of them in my homes over the years and each new one I’ve installed has better sound and features than the previous one.

When installing a home theater system its best to install it in a room that is designed and constructed with a home theater in mind. For example, when I finished my basement and built a family room addition I made a special effort to run speaker wire and include speaker outlets where I anticipated the home theater speakers and home theater system would go.

I made sure to include speaker wire and outlets not only in the walls but also in the ceilings.

Ideally when installing a home theater system it should be located in a dedicated room for watching movies. Preferably the room should have no windows, or at least windows that can be completely blocked out.

In addition, there should be a large flat wall for projecting movies or for supporting a large flat panel screen. In addition, the room should include a technology closet with racks integrated into it for supporting the home theater system, as well as other media technology components.

Also, when purchasing a home theater system consider the media forms it can support. Today’s home theater systems should support both DVD and Blueray if they are worth their salt.

Also, make sure to buy a home theater system with a quality subwoofer, and the power to appropriately drive it, without causing it to distort.

Finally, select a large flat panel screen, be it a plasma, LCD, or LED type screen. I would highly recommend at least purchasing a 50 inch screen. But this said, the screen should be proportional to the size of the room that the home theater system is being installed in. Also, I’d highly recommend paying for the extended warranty when purchasing a large flat panel screen. There’s just too much that can go wrong with them and the prices are just so high that its worth paying for the extended warranty.

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