Soundproofing a Room

Simple Tips for Soundproofing a Room

By Mark J. Donovan

If you have a large room with a cathedral ceiling, and/or have hardwood floors in a large room, chances are you have either attempted to soundproof it or would like to. When a large room has nothing but hard wall and floor surfaces it is very susceptible to acoustic problems. Vibration and the reverberation of sound waves are the most common acoustic problems in large rooms with many hard surfaces. These unwanted sound waves can make a room uncomfortable and annoying.

Soundproofing a Room to be Built

To soundproof a room, it is best to start during the definition phase of the home. During the design of the home, the appropriate techniques and materials can be used to properly soundproof the room.

Methods and techniques for soundproofing a room during the building of the home include adding insulation between interior walls, using manufactured soundproofing wall coverings, creating textured walls, and using carpeting on the floors and in some cases even the walls.

Soundproofing an Existing Room

If the home has already been built, the soundproofing a room methods and techniques are similar, however a little more work is required. Insulation can be blown into interior walls that have no insulation in them. Alternatively the drywall can be removed from the walls on the inside of the room, and batting insulation then installed. Once the batting insulation is installed, new drywall can be hung on the walls.

Simply insulating walls with fibgrlass rolled or batt insulation can provide adequate sound insulation.

In addition, carpeting can be installed on the floors and heavy drapes can be installed around the windows. Though both are not an absolute solution to soundproofing a room they will help to absorb sound waves.

You can also apply an acoustic spray texture on the ceiling to help absorb unwanted sounds.

Finally you can decorate the room with textured surfaces, e.g. paintings, small swaths of carpet and other rough surfaces.

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