Foam Insulation Sealant from a Spray Can

Seal around Rough Door and Window Frames with a Foam Insulation Sealant

By Mark J. Donovan

Foam insulation sealant from a spray can is a great alternative to jamming fiberglass insulation around rough door and window frames. Insulating a home with rolled or batt fiberglass insulation can be messy and itchy work in itself. On top of that, shoving pieces of fiberglass insulation in between door and window frames can be tedious and difficult. Foam insulation from a spray can, on the other hand, is a great alternative as it makes for quick work and actually does a better job.

Foam insulation sealant from a can is a polyurethane insulation material that is offered by manufacturers in two formulas.

One formula, or type, is designed to become rigid after it cures, whereas the other type is designed to remain flexible after it cures. Foam insulation sealant is formulated to bond extremely well to all types of surfaces including wood, vinyl and metal surfaces.

When insulating around doors and windows make sure to use the foam insulation sealant type that remains flexible after curing. By remaining flexible there is less of a chance of the doors and windows binding by the pressure associated with the expanded foam insulation.

Make sure when using foam insulation to first read the directions thoroughly on the can, and always wear rubber gloves and eye protection as it is very sticky and difficult to remove.

Foam Insulation Sealant

When filling the door and window frame gaps with the foam insulation sealant, make sure you only fill the gaps and crevices half way as the insulation will expand to completely fill the voids.

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