Outdoor Furnaces can Lower Home Heating Bills

Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces Lower Monthly Home Energy Costs and are Safer to use than Other Supplemental Home Heating Solutions

By Mark J. Donovan

Every year we see home heating fuel costs spike up at the start of winter, be it oil, gas, or electricity. There’s always an excuse on why the rapid increase. Sometimes it’s blamed on “unexpected cold weather” or “unexpected demand”, and other times it’s claimed that there “is insufficient refinery capacity for home heating oil”. There’s always a lame reason that the energy suppliers give for the increase, but for anyone with two oars in the water it’s easy to see through the baloney. Consequently to combat high monthly home heating bills you may want to consider installing an outdoor furnace, or more specifically an outdoor wood burning furnace.

Outdoor furnaces lower heating bills by reducing the demand on your home’s primary heat source. At first blush an outdoor furnace may sound like a crazy idea.

However, when you weigh all of the pros and cons, outdoor furnaces often make sense for many homeowners. One of the chief benefits is that they burn wood, which is a renewable resource. Another key benefit, unlike gas and oil, many homeowners can cut and prepare their own wood for burning. And in some cases they may be able to even harvest the wood off of their own property. Also, cutting wood is much less detrimental to the environment than drilling for oil and gas.

Outside furnaces are also cleaner and safer to operate than standard wood stoves and fireplaces. With an outdoor furnace, all of the wood chips, dust, smoke, and ash stay outside, thus keeping your home cleaner. Also, there is less of a fire safety concern with operating an outdoor furnace.

Outdoor wood furnaces are also typically larger than wood stoves and thus they can be filled with whole logs, rather than with split lumber. As a result, less time is necessary for preparing the wood for burning, and for reloading the outdoor furnace with wood.

Unlike most wood stoves that require reloading every few hours, an outdoor furnace can run for 8 hours or more between re-loadings.

So fight home heating fuel suppliers next winter by investing in an outdoor furnace and lowering your heating bills. Not only will you save a small fortune in energy costs, you’ll also stay warmer, be more energy independent, and do your part in conserving the environment by using a renewable resource.

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