10 Low Cost Tips for Saving on Home Heating Bills

Home Heating Cost Saving Tips that won’t Break your Wallet

By Mark J. Donovan

Installing new double pane or triple pane thermal windows in your home may be a great way of saving on your home heating bills; however it is a very expensive endeavor. In addition, the payback period just to break even on the cost of installing the windows may take 10 years or more.

If you want to save on home heating bills this winter and do not have a lot of cash to spend doing so, there are cheaper and easier alternatives.

In addition, these alternatives will provide you with almost instant payback in some cases. Listed below are 10 tips for saving on your home heating bills this winter.

Lower the Thermostat

Yes it is almost cliché to say this, but it is the simplest way to reduce your heating bills, and it costs nothing. Set the temperature during the day to 65 degrees when you are home, and at 55 degrees at night when you are sleeping. To keep the chill off your bones wear a sweater and socks at all times around the house.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will cost you between $50 and $100, but it is well worth it. You can have the heat set at 55-60 degrees while you are at work for the bulk of the day and automatically turn on and warm up the house to 65-70 degrees for 5:00pm. You can also set it to warm up the home an hour before you get up in the morning, so you don’t “freeze” when you get out of bed.

Turn off Heat to Unused Rooms

If there are rooms in your house that are rarely used, turn off heat altogether to those rooms, or at least to 50 degrees.

Caulk Doors and Windows

For a few dollars you can caulk around the exterior of your doors and windows. This will prevent any drafts from finding their way into your home.

Replace Worn Door Weather Stripping

Check the bottom of your doors for torn or frayed weather stripping. If the door weather stripping looks worn, spend a few dollars and replace it. Again, this will prevent unwanted drafts.

Use Door Snakes

Lay door snakes at the base of your doors, again to cut down on any drafts.

Make sure to clean your furnace annually.

Change Ceiling Fan Direction

Ceiling fans can also keep you feeling warmer in winter months. Set the switch on your ceiling fan to rotate in a clockwise direction. When the fan is turned on it will now push warm air down, thus making you feel warmer in the house. While you are working on the ceiling fan, if it has lights, consider replacing the light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.

Insulate Heating ducts and Hot water Pipes

If the heating ducts and hot water pipes in your basement are not insulated, insulate them. Foam pipe insulation is very inexpensive and can easily be installed by a homeowner. Likewise insulating duct work is inexpensive and simple to do as well.

Service your Furnace

It is extremely important to have your furnace serviced annually. Have it done in late fall so that it will be ready to operate at the highest efficiency possible in winter months.

Minimize use of Ventilation Fans

Kitchen and Bathroom fans vent out air from your home to the outside. Try to minimize using ventilation fans in winter months to keep the warm air in your home.

With the implementation of these 10 tips you should be able to see a significant reduction in the costs of your home heating bills this winter.

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