Solar Power Advantages

Solar Power is a Clean and Renewable Energy That Offers Many Advantages over Fossil Fuels

By Mark J. Donovan

There are numerous solar power advantages over traditional fossil fuels. Unlike fossil fuels, solar power is clean, easy to produce, quiet, and unlimited. For decades scientists and environmentalists have been touting these solar power advantages to the world. Unfortunately to this day, the economic solar power disadvantages have outweighed the solar power advantages. However recent advancements in solar cell technology, soaring fossil fuel prices, and a push by the international community for a more eco-friendly environment, are rapidly changing the economic balance in favor of the solar power advantages.

The cost of solar power panels continues to drop in price. In addition, solar power photovoltaic efficiency has improved in recent years via the use of different types of materials.

Solar to electric conversion efficiencies of 14-17% are common in today’s solar panel technology. Solar panels with up to 30% efficiency have also been demonstrated. In addition, continued advancement in thin film and nano technology will enable even more cost effective solar panel technology as time goes on. As a result, solar power advantages of increased power per square area (Watts/ Square Foot), and shorter return on investment timeframes will soon tip the scales in favor of solar power over fossil fuels.

When the scales tip, the other solar power advantages will also be realized. Unlike coal burning plants and nuclear reactors, solar to electric conversion is clean and safe to the environment. Also, maintenance and safety costs are much lower. In addition, unlike hydro electric power plants with their massive dams and the backup of rivers is unnecessary.

Finally, solar cells are static. There are no moving parts in the solar cells themselves, albeit motors and gears are commonly used to main a constant direct angle between the solar cell arrays and the sun.

Yes, there are a few solar power disadvantages, such as the solar power equipment only works if there is sunlight, the cost of integrating a solar powered home into an electrical power grid is pricey, and solar power costs equipment and installation costs are still high. Though all true, as solar power equipment costs continue to fall, and as more homes integrate solar power systems, the integration of solar powered homes into existing electric utility infrastructures will become more commonplace and less expensive. In addition, as solar panel efficiency increases even homes with moderate sunshine may be able to benefit from the various solar power advantages.

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