Kitchen Granite Countertops

Kitchen Granite Countertops – The Ideal choice in Kitchen Remodeling

By Mark J. Donovan

Granite is used today for many home improvement projects. It is used for Kitchen and Bath Countertops, Fireplace Surrounds, Mantels and Hearths, Bar tops and Conference Tables.

Granite is a coarse grained crystalline igneous rock composed primarily of quartz and feldspar. It forms from slowly cooling magma that is subjected to extreme pressures deep beneath the earth’s surface.

Granite if found throughout the world and is commercially available in thousands of types. In the United States there are abundant supplies in the Northeast, particularly in New Hampshire. As a matter of fact, New Hampshire is known as the Granite State.

Today, Kitchen Remodeling Designers increasingly recommend Granite as the counter top surface of choice. Though synthetic solid surface products such as Silestone are available today in many colors and patterns, they still do not match the performance (e.g. heat resistance), richness, and depth, of granite.

Granite’s diamond-like hardness and its imperviousness to abrasions, stains and extreme heat make it ideal for kitchen counter tops. It is also the least porous of most commercially used stone, thus eliminating the need for frequent sealing. Granite is also a timeless choice due to its natural occurrence.
Granite Counter Top PricingGranite pricing can vary, but expect to pay $80-$110 per square foot. In addition there will be installation charges.
Granite countertops are ideal for kitchens

Granite Kitchen Counter Top Care and Maintenance

Granite is relatively simple to care for. With a clean rag, wipe the surfaces with a few drops of a neutral cleaner or mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. Thoroughly rinse the surface after washing with the soap solution and dry with a separate soft cloth.

Note: Do not use products that contain vinegar, lemon, or other acids as this could etch the granite surface. Also, do not use scouring pads or creams, as this will scratch the surface.

Where Granite is used in wet applications, use a squeegee after each use to prevent soap film buildup. You can also use non-acidic soap scum remover. Do not use an ammonia type product as this will eventually wear aware the shine of the granite surface.

A stone sealer should be applied occasionally to prevent absorption of materials that could stain the granite surface. There are a number of Granite counter top sealers on the market that can simply be sprayed on, and then the excess wiped off. Depending on the absorbency of the stone, resealing should be performed from once a year up to 5 years.

Kitchen Remodeling Bid Sheet

The finer grained granites are usually more absorbent and will require more frequent sealing. With today’s technology in sealing products, staining rarely occurs.

For help on your kitchen remodeling project, see my Kitchen Remodeling Bid Sheet. The Kitchen Remodeling Bid Sheet provides a request for quote checklist section that you can provide to prospective kitchen remodeling contractors. It also includes a comprehensive kitchen remodeling cost breakdown table, in Microsoft Excel format, that allows the contractor to include his projected remodeling costs for every phase of the project.

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