How to Install Carpet Threshold Transition Strip

Installing a Carpet Threshold Transition Strip in a Bathroom Doorway

By Mark J. Donovan

After installing a bathroom ceramic tile floor, I needed to replace the old carpet threshold transition strip that previously separated the carpet from the old linoleum floor. I visited my local home improvement center and picked up a 3 foot length of carpet threshold transition strip with a brushed metal finish, along with a piece of carpet tack strip.

To install carpet threshold transition strip, I first measured and nailed down to the subfloor a length of carpet tack strip.

I positioned the tack strip underneath the carpet and approximately 1/2” inch away from the transition point, making sure the tacks slanted inwards toward the bathroom tiled floor.

I then secured the carpet tack strip to the subfloor with a hammer. Finally, I used a small length of board to push and stretch the carpet edge over the tack strip to securely hold it in place.

I then measured the transition door width and used a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade to cut the carpet threshold transition strip to length. I also cut out a small ¼” x ¼” jog on each inside edge (bathroom side) of the carpet threshold transition strip to accommodate the door stop.

Next, I installed the carpet threshold transition strip evenly over the ceramic tile and the carpet, and secured it to the wood subfloor with the small nails that came with the transition strip.

Carpet threshold transition strip installation.

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