Recessed Stair Lighting

Recessed Stair Lights Provide Function and Aesthetics to any Stairwell

By Mark J. Donovan

When we were finishing our basement we decided we would make the entrance to it more inviting by adding recessed stair lighting.

Recessed stair lights not only help to make the stairwell to the basement more attractive, they also make the staircase safer.

For our particular staircase we chose fewer large recessed stair lights over many smaller ones.

In addition, we decided to mount them in the wall adjacent to the stairs for ease of installation and to prevent fewer damaged light bulbs.

Recessed Stair Lighting Options and Stairway Lighting Fixtures

Integrated recess stair lighting is available in many different types, styles, and forms. There are even now lighting technology options like LED stair lighting, and LED stair lights motion sensor types.

There are recessed stair lights that can be integrated directly into the stair treads or risers, and there are stair light fixtures of different shapes and sizes that can be mounted into adjacent walls, as we did in our finished basement project.

In addition, recessed stair lights are available in various light bulb technologies including incandescent and low power LED stair lighting.

Integrated stair lights are also available that can operate off of standard electrical boxes/wiring and off of battery power, or even solar power. There are even recessed stair lights with integrated combination light/electrical outlets.

So if you have finished basement or deck construction plans that include stairs, make sure to visit your local lighting store center and check out the options available to you for recessed stair lighting. 

 Recessed stair lighting

Recessed stair lighting is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can provide added safety and beauty to a room or deck.

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