How to Snake Electrical Wire Through Conduit

Simple tips for Snaking Home Electrical Wire through Conduit

By Mark J. Donovan

When remodeling a home or putting in a pool there inevitably comes a time when you find yourself needing to snake a length of home electrical wire through conduit. Snaking wire through conduit can be slow and frustrating. You frequently find the wire getting jammed in the conduit and having to make repeated attempts to get it through.

Occasionally I have had to snake home electrical wire through a section of conduit. Normally if it was a relatively shore piece of conduit, I simply wrapped some electrical tape around the Romex wire and then pushed it through the conduit.

This process works, but it is time consuming and you quickly wear out your hand pushing the wire through the conduit.

For longer sections of metal or plastic conduit I have pushed through a small piece of wire and then attached it to the end of the Romex cable, and then pulled it through the conduit.

For snaking electrical wire through long sections of conduit, the best solution is to attach a length of string to a ball bearing or marble and then place the ball bearing or marble into the conduit. At the other end of the conduit attach a vacuum cleaner to it and turn it on. The vacuum hose will suck the ball bearing or marble through the conduit.

Then simply attach the Romex electrical cable to the end of the string and pull the Romex wire through the conduit.

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