Electrical Wall Plates

Electrical Wall Plate Covers Protect Home Occupants and Add a Decorative Flair to a Room

By Mark J. Donovan

Electrical wall plates serve one main purpose and that is to provide safety to the home’s occupants. Electrical wall plate covers protect home occupants from becoming electrocuted. Electrical wall plates are designed to cover various electrical boxes that house “live” or “powered” wires that are used for controlling electrical switches and powering appliances such as lights. Electrical wall plates prevent homeowners from inadvertently sticking their hand or any other object into the electrical box.

Standard Electrical Wall Plates

Electrical wall plates are designed to fit snuggly over electrical outlets and switches and to sit flush with finished walls.

Electrical wall covers come in all shapes and sizes, however they are all designed to support attaching to standard electrical switches and outlets. Electrical switch plate covers are available to support single, dual, triple and even quad electrical switch boxes. Electrical outlet plate covers are available to support dual and quad electrical outlet boxes.

In addition, there are a myriad of other electrical wall plate offerings to support different switch shapes, and mixed switch/outlet combinations. There are even oversized electrical wall plate covers for hiding slightly enlarged drywall holes.

Electrical Wall Plates for Non Switch/Outlet Applications

Besides electrical wall plates for switches and outlets there are also electrical wall plate covers for speaker connections, phone jacks, cable, and dimmer controls.

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Decorative Electrical Wall Plates

Electrical wall plates are also designed as decorative accent pieces. For example, there are many colors to choose from today beyond the conventional plastic almond and white electrical wall plates. There are electrical wall plates available today that support various room themes such as sports, country, and modern looks.

For example, you can find electrical wall plates today that artistically shaped and painted to look like fish, birds and other animals.

Besides plastic, electrical wall plate covers are also available in wood, metal and ceramic materials.

Electrical wall plate covers vary dramatically in price from less than a dollar to more than ten dollars each, depending upon the size, style and material constructed out of.

You can find standard and some not-so-standard electrical wall plates at home improvement centers. For theme based electrical wall plates you may have better luck finding them at furniture or knickknack stores.

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So before settling on standard plastic almond or white electrical wall plates, shop around a bit and add some character to your electrical boxes and room décor by going with some decorative electrical wall plates.

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