Installation of a Remote Control for a Ceiling Fan with Lights

Tips for Installing a Remote Control for a Ceiling Fan and Light Assembly

By Mark J. Donovan

I recently installed a new ceiling fan with lights in our sunroom. The ceiling fan did not include an integrated remote control unit so I purchased a separate ceiling fan remote control unit for it.

Yes, you can buy remote control systems for ceiling fans. The installation of the remote control into the ceiling fan was very easy to do. The receiving unit sits up into the base of the ceiling fan.

In my situation I simply had to remove the cover plate, where the ceiling fan attaches to the ceiling and electrical box, and slip the remote control receiver unit up above the ceiling fan mounting bracket.

Note I turned power off to the ceiling fan first at the main circuit panel.

Next, I disconnected the power wires emanating from the electrical box to the ceiling fan wires. Then, per the remote control ceiling fan unit instructions, I connected the electrical wires emanating from the electrical box to the remote control receiving unit.

I simply connected the black wire from the electrical box to the black wire (power) of the receiver, and the white wire (neutral) from the electrical box to the white wire (neutral/return) of the receiver.

I also tied the receiver unit’s ground wire to the electrical box bare copper wire and the ceiling fan ground wire.

How to install a ceiling fan.

After wiring in the remote control receiver to the electrical box wiring, I then connected the remaining wires coming out of the receiver to the ceiling fan and light assembly. The wires on the receiver were clearly marked for which wires go to the ceiling fan and light assembly.

Once the wires were all connected I reattached the ceiling fan and light cover plate.

Next, I mounted the remote control switch holder bracket to the wall using two drywall screws.

Finally, I turned power back on to the ceiling fan.

With a simple push of a button on the remote control I was able to turn the ceiling fan on. I then pushed the light button and confirmed the light worked.

So if you have a ceiling fan with a light, and want to put it on a remote, visit your local home improvement center and pick up a remote control unit today. 

They are easy to install and only require about 30 minutes of your time and a screw driver.

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