Installing a Curtain Rod over Sliding Glass Door

How to Install a Curtain Rod above a Sliding Glass Door Slider

By Mark J. Donovan

Installing a curtain rod and curtain or drape over a sliding glass door is a great way to add privacy and warmth to a room. A curtain or drape can also add character to a room.

Installing a curtain rod over a sliding glass door is easy to do and only requires a screwdriver and measuring tape. It is important to make sure that the curtain rod brackets mount firmly in the wall studs and sliding glass door header. The sliding glass door header is typically a 2”x8” piece of framing lumber that sits above the slider and behind the drywall.

How High to Hang Curtains Above Sliding Glass Door

When installing a curtain rod over a sliding glass door it is important to make sure that it is positioned high enough so that the curtain will not drag on the floor. So make sure you know the length of your curtain or drape to help determine how high to mount the curtain rod above the sliding glass door.

Typically a curtain rod is mounted 3-6 inches above the height of the sliding glass door, but again, its actual height is pretty much determined by the length of the curtain or drape.

It is also important to determine the width of the curtain rod to make sure that it is centered properly over the sliding glass door.

After determining the width of the curtain rod, find the center of the sliding glass door and make a small pencil mark just above the door and at the desired height above the floor.

This mark will act as a reference mark for installing the first curtain rod bracket.

Install the curtain rod bracket with the appropriate screws such that the screws penetrate into the header or wall stud by at least 1 inch. Keep in mind that the drywall is typically ½” thick.


Installing a Curtain Rod

Installing a Curtain Rod over a Sliding Glass Door

After installing the center curtain rod bracket install the side curtain rod brackets. The side curtain rod brackets should be located near the ends of the sliding glass door.

They are typically located directly over the vertical door trim pieces, however you can slightly adjust their location depending upon the unique width of your curtain rod.

Again, fasten the side end curtain rod brackets with screws that penetrate into the wall studs or header by at least 1 inch.

Once the curtain rod brackets are installed you can then simply snap the curtain rod onto the brackets.

After installing the curtain rod, you can then hang the curtain or drape onto the curtain rod to complete the curtain rod installation project.

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