Exterior Door Installation Cost Estimates

Estimating the Costs of Installing Exterior Doors, DIY versus Hiring a Door Installation Contractor

By Mark J. Donovan

Installing exterior doors can be somewhat of a challenge, particularly if there has been sill rot underneath the door. In addition, there is interior door trim that needs to be replaced when installing a new door. Also, the exterior door trim may need to be replaced and exterior door trim can be quite ornate and complicated to replace and install. So when contemplating replacing your own exterior door, consider the entire picture. Evaluate how much work will really be necessary and if you have the right carpentry skills, tools and time to do it properly.

If your answer is no to anyone of these issues, then go out and solicit exterior door installation cost estimates from local home improvement centers and home remodelers.

Exterior door installation cost estimates can vary widely due to a number of factors, including the actual cost of the exterior door itself, raw material market conditions, and local labor rates.

Moreover if the door installation project will require sill repair and exterior trim replacement expect higher door installation cost estimates then otherwise.

As a rule of thumb expect to see exterior door installation cost estimates from contractors and home improvement centers around 125% higher than the cost of the door itself. So for example, if an exterior door cost $1,000 itself, expect the total cost for installing the new door to be around $2,250. This estimate includes the cost of replacing the interior and exterior door trim, however assumes no sill repair. If sill repair is required the exterior door installation cost estimate could be around 150% higher than the cost of the door itself.

When reviewing exterior door installation price quotes make sure they break out all of the materials and labor costs. Also, make sure that the materials list includes Ice and Water shield, flashing, and caulk. If these items are missing from the door installation quote, ask if they are to be used on the project. If the responsive is affirmative, then have the contractor update the written contract to include them. If the response is negative, find another door installation contractor to install your door.

To conclude, if you have the right DIY skills, tools and time to install your own replacement exterior door you can save a small fortune. In the example outlined above, for example, you can save possibly as much as 50% compared to hiring the door installation contractor. This translates into over a $1,000 in savings. If on the other hand you lack the right skills and tools, and/or you know there is sill damage, then it makes better sense to higher the door installation contractor.

There is one other alternative which is to do nothing. However, if you really want to protect your most valuable investment, besides your children, this is a bad decision.

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A leaky or dilapidated exterior door is an invitation to termites and carpenter ants which can destroy your house. And if curb appeal is essential for a house to show well, then the last thing you want is a dilapidated exterior front door for potential buyers to walk in through.

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