Choosing Interior Doors

Interior Door Types including Solid Wood, Hollow-Core, Bifold, and Pocket Interior Doors

By Mark J. Donovan

Choosing interior doors can be quite daunting. There are many interior door options available to you and deciding upon what’s right for your home can be a tough task. Interior doors come in all shapes and sizes and can be made out of various wood products or glass. Interior door styles also vary greatly, from solid wood 6 or 8 panel doors, to bifold doors, to double wide French doors, just to name a few. Interior door construction also varies.

You can choose interior doors made from solid wood or hollow-core Masonite, or even glass and metal. Then there are also various shades of hollow-core doors.

Some are more ruggedly constructed than others. Finally, there’s the decision on door knobs when choosing interior doors. The most common type installed is the standard brass door knob, however there are many other types and styles to choose from.

When buying interior doors and door knobs it’s important to consider how often the door will be used, and your decorative plans for the home and specific rooms in it. For example, interior glass French doors are ideal for dining room and sunroom entranceways. Bedrooms on the second floor of a home, however could use either solid wood or hollow-core doors.

If you’re looking to save some money hollow-core doors might be the best option for bedrooms. You can buy hollow-core interior doors that have a wood texture like finish that you can paint.

The house style itself can also dictate the type of interior door to choose. For example a colonial home typically has 6 or 8 panel interior doors. Solid pine wood doors were often used in colonial style homes. Hardwoods were also used. Today the hollow-core Masonite door now is more commonly used to save on costs. For higher end custom homes, beautiful hardwood interior doors are often used. For example you can often find these interior door types in custom Victorian style homes.

Pocket sliding doors are another option when choosing interior doors. They take little space and are ideal for smaller homes. Pocket sliding doors can be used for library or dens, bathrooms, and even in kitchens. If considering including pocket sliding doors in your home make sure your home construction plans include proper framing for it. Retrofitting a pocket sliding door into a home is quite challenging.

Bifold doors are another interior door option. Normally you find these types of interior doors used for closets or storage area.

Choosing interior wood doors

When choosing interior doors it’s important to also select doors that complement the style of the home, both in function and material construction, or at least material look. For example, on a contemporary home you may want to use interior doors constructed out of wood such as hickory, oak, or cherry. In terms of door styles, you could go with a flat pane door, or 6 or 8 panel doors. Alternatively you may want to go with a glass or metal type interior door in a contemporary style home.

So when choosing interior doors consider all the options available to you and don’t necessarily limit yourself to the same type of interior door throughout the entire home. Mix and match it up where it makes sense and don’t be afraid to spend a bit more money on different style door knobs.

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