Pool Decks For Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pool Decks Complement and Provide Safety Features that Maximize Your Pool’s Enjoyment

By Mark J. Donovan

The installation of a pool deck around a portion of, or all of, your above ground pool will enhance both its beauty and enjoyment. A pool deck helps soften the above ground pool in your backyard, as the deck provides a transition between the surrounding landscape and the above ground pool itself. A pool deck also provides a large area for entering the pool versus a simple ladder. In addition, a pool deck provides a large surface area for sunbathing on warm summer days and for better observing the kids while they’re in the pool.

Manufactured Above Ground Pool Decks

Pool companies’ offer prefabricated pool decks that are designed to specifically contour to the pool edge.

These types of pool decks are typically constructed out of a combination of powder-coated steel and ultraviolet protected decking material to provide an attractive and durable pool deck. They also are designed to support varying pool heights, typically between the ranges of 48 and 54 inches in height. They also include safety gates, aluminum or plastic ladders, non-slip deck surfaces, and reinforced steel railings for your family’s safety. The amount of weight that they can support varies with the particular pool deck. Make sure when looking to purchase a prefabricated pool deck that you buy one that is rated for considerably more than what you anticipate the maximum expected weight load to be.

Prefabricated above ground pool decks are also designed to be easily installed. Consequently if you have moderate do-it-yourself skills and a spare pair of hands, you can assemble the pool deck yourself and save a small bundle of money.

Building Your Own Above Ground Pool Deck

Besides buying a pool deck that has been pre-manufactured you can also build your own pool deck. Building your own pool deck offers several advantages over buying a pre-manufactured one.

 Here is a deck overlooking a very large pool!

You can be more creative in its design, support different and varying pool heights, and use custom decking materials such as mahogany wood or composite decking materials.

Building a pool deck is done virtually the same way as building any freestanding deck. The only difference is that you have to take more care in where the deck edge abuts the pool edge. As with any freestanding deck, a pool deck construction starts with a good plan.

You can get above ground pool deck ideas from various magazine and online resources. You can even find pre-designed deck plans. Alternatively you can design your own pool deck.

Key considerations when designing and building your own pool deck are its durability, look, and safety features. A good pool deck design, for example, should include anti-skid surfaces, a railing system, and a self locking gate.

Deck Installation Bid Sheet

Check with you local building inspector to find out the specific functional requirements for a pool deck for your community. Also, make sure to file a pool deck construction permit prior to construction to avoid paying fines.

It’s also important to use deck building materials that are resistant to moisture and ultraviolet damage. Pool decks can take a real beating due to the frequent exposure to water and constant contact with the weather elements.

Besides building a quality basic pool deck using the right construction materials, also consider additional features such as integrated deck lighting and storage areas. Integrated pool deck lighting can allow you to extend your pools use into the evening hours. Also, by integrating storage areas on top of and below the pool deck you can keep pool maintenance items nearby for easy access.

For help on building a deck, see HomeAdditionPlus.com’s Deck Installation Bid Sheet. The Deck Installation Bid Sheet will teach your how to hire the right deck contractor, and help to ensure that your deck project is completed on time and budget.

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