Benefits of a Jacuzzi Tub

Key Considerations when Buying and Installing a Jacuzzi Tub

By Mark J. Donovan

What better way to relieve the stress of long hard day than soaking in a Jacuzzi tub. Whether a Jacuzzi tub in your bathroom or a large outdoor Jacuzzi located on your deck, little can beat the warmth and relaxing benefits of a Jacuzzi. It simply has a way of shedding the hassles of a hectic day.

If you’re considering purchasing and installing a Jacuzzi tub it’s smart to have some idea of what is available on the market for Jacuzzis and how you plan to use one prior to going out and buying one. The installation of a Jacuzzi tub is significantly more complicated to install than your standard bathtub, so if your bathroom remodeling plans include a Jacuzzi tub make sure to talk with your framing contractor, plumber, and electrician prior to purchasing one.

A Jacuzzi tub requires additional framing and the extra weight of it when filled with water may require strengthening of the floor. In addition, a Jacuzzi tub typically requires larger plumbing supply lines and electricity to drive the electrical system associated with the Jacuzzi.

Another key consideration is the size and shape of the Jacuzzi tub. Jacuzzi tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Prior to shopping for a Jacuzzi tub make sure to write down the measurements for the area you have reserved for it. Some Jacuzzi tubs fit a similar rectangular footprint of a standard tub and are perfect for mounting up against walls, while others can be oval or circular in shape. There are even Jacuzzi tubs that are designed to fit in corners to conserve on floor space.

Though most large box home improvement centers sell Jacuzzi tubs you may find a wider selection and more options by shopping at a Jacuzzi specialty store.

In addition, a specialty store often offers installation services as well, and no doubt they’ll know more about Jacuzzi tubs than the standard employee working at a home improvement center. Also, they will more likely have better access to replacement parts when the time arises down the road for making repairs to your Jacuzzi tub, which inevitably will happen. Pumps and motors are moveable parts that over time simply wear out.

When shopping for a Jacuzzi tub also compare warranties. They can vary significantly between manufacturers. The specialty Jacuzzi store may also offer its own warranty for installation.

Expect to pay two to three times the cost of a standard bathtub for a Jacuzzi tub. Also, expect to pay several hundred dollars, to even a thousand dollars more, for the installation of the Jacuzzi tub. There is simply a lot more work required in installing one compared to the basic bath tub.

So go for it and spend the extra money on the Jacuzzi tub. You won’t regret it down the road. Again, there is little that can compare to shedding the day’s headaches and hassles than soaking in a Jacuzzi tub for a half hour in the evening.

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