How to Fix Bathroom Cabinet Drawer Slide

Steps for Fixing a Bathroom Cabinet Drawer that does not Slide Properly

By Mark J. Donovan

Bathroom cabinet drawers get a lot of use. Consequently it is only inevitable that they tend to see some wear and tear, and eventually breakdown. Bathroom cabinet drawer slides are one of the most common items that break on them. This is usually due to the cabinet drawer slides becoming unattached to the bathroom cabinet drawer itself. The screws that hold the bathroom cabinet drawer slide, frequently work their way loose. The slide then separates from the cabinet drawer, and you end up with a non-sliding bathroom cabinet drawer.

Sometimes the drawer slide actually can lock up the drawer so that it can not open or close at all.

Fixing Bathroom Cabinet Drawer Slide

Fixing a bathroom cabinet drawer slide is usually straight forward. First remove the bathroom cabinet drawer and inspect the cabinet drawer slides. If they are missing screws find the screws. Usually you can find them in the bottom of the cabinet.

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Next, inspect the screw holes that attach the cabinet drawer slides to the bathroom cabinet. If the screw holes looked stripped, then pre-drill pilot holes near the original screw holes, both in the drawer slide and the wood, and then reattach the screws.

Sometimes it is helpful to temporarily put the screws in the stripped out holes while you drill the new pilot holes, as this adds some stability and accuracy in making the pilot hole. Then once the pilot holes have been drilled, relocate the screws to the new holes.

Fixing a bathroom cabinet drawer slide.
You may also want to add a touch of wood glue to the screws prior to screwing them into the drawer slide and cabinet drawer. This will help to prevent them from working loose again.

Replacing Cabinet Drawer Slide

Sometimes a bathroom cabinet drawer slide has simply been bent and thus causes the drawer to not open and close smoothly. You can try bending it back in shape with a pair of pliers, or replacing it altogether. If you decide on replacing the cabinet drawer slide, get the prefabricated drawer slides with ball bearings. They work the best. 

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