Concrete Floor Leveling

A Level Concrete Floor is Essential for Properly Installing Wood and Tile Floor Products

By Mark J. Donovan

Concrete floor leveling on a slab is essential if you plan to install ceramic tile or a wood floor product over it. There are basically two methods that can be employed for concrete floor leveling. One method involves grinding down the high spots on the slab. The other method involves using a self leveling compound. In some cases both methods are necessary to level the concrete floor adequately.

Concrete Floor Leveling By Grinding

Grinding a concrete floor level is dusty and noisy work. Talk to your local tool rental company to see what is best for your concrete floor leveling project.

To minimize dust, which can be horrific when grinding concrete, make sure the grinder includes a vacuum or dust collector if dry grinding. Also make sure you buy the right pads and discs. Keep in mind that a series of disks are required in the process of grinding and polishing a concrete floor.

If you elect to use a grinder without a vacuum or dust collector then grind the concrete floor wet and again make sure to buy the right pads and discs. Also, always wear eye, ear, and respiratory protection when operating a grinder and leveling a concrete floor. Moreover concrete grinders typically require a great deal of brawn as they can be extremely heavy to work with. So make sure you have a strong pair of extra hands nearby to help you out during the project.

Also, grinding and polishing a concrete floor is another option for a finished floor product. When done right, a concrete floor that has been properly grinded and polished can have a beautiful clean and smooth sheen finish.

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Concrete Floor Leveling with Self Leveling Compounds

Self leveling compounds can be tricky to work with when leveling a concrete floor. Make sure to carefully read the instructions prior to applying the leveling compound over the concrete. Typically high spots should be ground down first and any horizontal cracks in the slab should be filled with crack filler prior to applying the self leveling compound.

Also, self leveling compounds require more than just pouring the material onto the concrete floor. Self leveling compounds need to initially be screeded, or spread, into place. Then they can self level on their own to create a smooth surface.

Also, a waterproof cement product should first be applied to the concrete slab prior to applying the self leveling compound to seal out moisture. Regardless if there are no cracks in the concrete slab, moisture can and does wick its way up through the concrete floor.

Basement renovations and concrete floor leveling.

If you have plans of directly attaching a wood floor or tile product with an adhesive backing to the concrete slab, make sure to apply a waterproof cement product prior to applying the self leveling compound. Otherwise the moisture that percolates up through the concrete slab will eventually damage the wood floor, dissolve any adhesive, and cause mold and mildew growth.

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