Gutter Repair

Basic Tips for Gutter Repair and Maintenance

By Mark J. Donovan

Gutter repair is an important maintenance task that needs to be performed regularly. Gutter repair could be as simple as removing leaves and debris from the gutters, to as comprehensive as replacing them.

Gutters should be inspected at least a couple of times each year. Preferably, gutters should be inspected before and after the winter months.

When inspecting the gutters look for broken rivets connecting the gutter sections together. Pay particular attention to the gutters and the downspouts. Frequently they can separate from each other.

Also make sure the gutters are attached properly to the home. If the gutters are not fastened properly to the home, besides not functioning properly they could tear away from the home causing damage and risk to the home and the persons around and near them.

Un-repaired gutters are a key source for causing damage to the home. Un-repaired gutters can cause significant water problems to the roof, soffits vents, and even basements and crawl spaces. If gutters are left un-repaired during the winter months, severe ice damage could also result.

Gutter Guards

The installation of gutter guards can help to prevent the collection of leaves and debris that leads to standing water in the gutters.

Installing gutters

Frequently it is the weight of water sitting in the gutters that leads to them tearing away from the home, or causing ice damage. By preventing the leaves and debris from entering the gutters, water can flow smoothly to and down the gutter downspouts.

Inspecting and Repairing Gutters

When inspecting gutters, check for leaks and sags. If you see leaks you may need to replace old rivets that connect the gutter sections. When installing new rivets, it is best to first drill out the old rivets, and then replace them with new rivets in the exact locations. Use a rivet gun to install the new rivets.

If you are using PVC type gutters, you may need to replace gasket seals, or replace the entire gutter section.

If you see the gutters sagging, check to make sure the hangers have not pulled away from the home. You will need to re-attach the gutter hangers to the home to prevent the gutters from eventually tearing away from the house.

If the gutter sealant around the seams is dried and crack, apply a new coat of gutter sealant to the seams.

If you see rust forming in sections of the gutter, it is best to replace these sections. If you want a temporary fix, grind out the rusted area and apply a sealant to it to prevent further rusting.

With these few gutter repair tips, your gutters should operate properly and you will save yourself significant dollars on other home repairs.

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