Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Suggestions and Tips on Hot Tub Maintenance

By Mark J. Donovan

Deciding to buy a hot tub is a major commitment and investment. Maintaining a hot tub takes quite a bit of time and discipline. The hot tub water has to be regularly checked and chemicals added when required. In addition, there are major components with a hot tub that need to be regularly monitored and taken care of to ensure the hot tub stays in good working order. To put it in a nutshell, owning a hot tub is similar to owning a pet dog or cat. They need regular attention. So before going out and spending thousands of dollars on a new hot tub make sure you’re fully prepared to take care of it. If you’re not, then be prepared to have a hot tub that you can’t use when you want to.

Summarized below is a list of the key steps you need to follow for maintaining your hot tub and to keep it running cleanly and flawlessly for years ahead.

Testing Hot Tub Water

Make sure to test the water in your hot tub at least once a week. Testing the water regularly is the vital step in maintaining your hot tub and for ensuring it’s ready to use when you want to. Follow the hot tub manufacturer’s recommendations for testing the water and use the proper test strips and/or drops provided to you by the hot tub supplier. Depending on the hot tub type the test strips will test for chlorine, bromine, PH, monopersulfates, and alkalinity levels.

Applying Chemicals

Make sure to apply chemicals to the hot tub per the hot tub manufacturer’s prescribed recommendations and based upon the water test results. If for example, the hot tub’s water PH levels are too low or high then use the appropriate products that can increase/decrease them.

Your hot tub supplier can provide you with all the chemical products that you will need for maintaining your hot tub’s water. Also, if you are ever in doubt with the water quality bring a sample of it in to the hot tub store and they can test it and provide you with the right recipe of chemicals to adjust the water.

Hot tub maintenance is quite significant. Make sure you're prepared to maintain a hot tub regularly if you plan on buying one.

Water Pump Use

Operating the hot tub’s water pump continuously will prevent the threat of bacteria, fungus, and virus growth in the hot tub. Warm still water is a breeding grown for these types of things. So by keeping the water pump on continuously the water is constantly being agitated, thus helping to prevent this type of growth from occurring in the hot tub. If running the water pump constantly is cost prohibitive for you, then put the water pump on a timer and set it to turn the pump on periodically throughout the day.

Shocking Hot Tubs

Like a pool, shocking a hot tub is another important step for maintaining your hot tub. If you use your hot tub a couple of times a week then plan on shocking the hot tub once each week. If you use your hot tub several times or more a week then plan to shock it twice a week. And if you have a natural purifier (versus a bromine purifier), then plan on shocking it lightly after every use as well as once heavily each week.

Cleaning Hot Tub Water Filter

Another vital step in maintaining your hot tub is cleaning the water pump filter regularly. Always check the filter basket when using the hot tub to make sure it is free from debris. This is particularly important if the hot tub resides outside.

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In addition, every time you empty the hot tub of water, you should clean the water pump filter. By keeping the hot tub water filter clean you can ensure that the water pump and chemicals are working at peak performance in keeping your hot tub water clean.

By following these 5 important steps in maintaining your hot tub you should have crystal clean water and be able to use your hot tub at all times.

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